Renewing His House

Building a Better Foundation for Our Fellowship

Dear Fellowship of Believers,

As we stand united under the banner of faith and demonstrating God’s love to our local community, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new capital campaign, “Renewing His House.” This sacred endeavor aims to revitalize and strengthen the very foundation that nurtures our spiritual growth and brings us closer to the Lord. With great excitement and determination, we invite you all to participate in this transformative journey of renewal and growth.

Current Projects (2023):

Roof Repair: Protecting God’s house from above, we seek to repair and fortify our roofs to safeguard against the elements, ensuring a safe space for worship, fellowship and work. We have experienced many roof leaks and air conditioner leaks in this season that require more than temporary solutions.

Roof Coatings for All Three Buildings: To help preserve and extending the life of our buildings, roof coatings will ensure lasting protection for generations to come.

Second Floor Paint and Flooring: Our second floor is a haven for learning, spiritual enrichment and growth. We host a school and think it is important to invest in the next generation. With your support, we will refresh its appearance and renew its flooring, creating an inspiring, safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Exterior Paint for All Three Campus Buildings: The beauty of God’s house extends beyond its walls and can be seen by our community. By adorning our campus buildings with fresh paint, we’ll create an inviting, clean, approachable, and uplifting environment for all who see the building.

Interior Signage: Way finding signage within Fellowship of Believers is essential for guiding members and visitors to different areas and creating a welcoming atmosphere. It ensures a seamless and convenient experience while enhancing church community engagement.


Completed Projects:

Audio/Video Upgrades: Enhancing our worship experience and outreach efforts, we aim to upgrade our audio and video systems, amplifying the power of our messages and sharing them with a wider audience.

Youth Building Roof Recoating: The vibrancy of our Youth Room has always been a source of joy for our Fellowship of Believers. However, the challenges of patching recurring leaks have cast a shadow on the space we hold so dear. To address this, we have included the vital project of resurfacing the roof above the Youth Room.

Removal of Scrap Metal: With utmost care for cleanliness and the well-being of our church grounds, we are diligently clearing the land and purging unnecessary clutter, ensuring a hazard-free environment and fostering a welcoming space for all. By removing the scrap metal, we create a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone on campus.

Replacement of A/C Units: To enhance energy efficiency and optimize cooling capabilities, we have replaced two units that were still using outdated refrigerant with more efficient and up-to-date models. This investment not only ensures the comfort of all who enter His house but also reflects our commitment to being responsible stewards of God’s creation.

Repair & Replace Main Decking on Office Building: With a constant flow of guests and vendors in and out of the church office, the steps, ADA ramp, handrails and main decking were in need of repair. With fresh wood and sealant, the decking will be safer and weather longer.

Campaign Progress

Recent Preparations: Over the past season, our dedicated volunteers at Fellowship of Believers have invested countless hours cleaning, preparing, and organizing God’s house. This collective effort has brought us closer together, fostering a deeper sense of community and dedication to our shared purpose.

The Power of Giving: As valued members of our Fellowship, your generous contributions will be pivotal in making these building projects a reality. We warmly invite you to give from your heart, as every contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful impact on our mission.

Tax-Deductible Donors: For those who wish to support us through tax-deductible donations, we are thrilled to offer this opportunity. Your philanthropic contributions will not only empower our church’s growth but will also foster an enduring legacy of positive impact within our community.

Partnering with us: In our commitment to building stronger connections, we are honored to welcome potential support from esteemed philanthropic organizations. Together, we can create a transformative impact on the lives of countless individuals, nurturing both their spiritual and physical well-being.

How to Contribute:

  1. One-Time Donations: Make a one-time gift to support the entire campaign or a specific project dear to your heart.
  2. Reoccurring Donations: Set up a reoccurring contribution over time, allowing for greater flexibility and continued support.
  3. Corporate Matching: If your employer offers donation matching, double the impact of your gift by participating in their program.

Celebrating Your Generosity: As we journey through this campaign, we will celebrate and honor your generosity. Each contribution will be cherished and acknowledged.

“Renewing His House” stands as a testament to our shared devotion and steadfast commitment to God’s work and His house. As volunteers and members of our Fellowship of Believers, we come together to address the physical limitations of our church buildings. Let us unite in this endeavor, working hand in hand to create a warm and welcoming space that reflects our unwavering faith and love for one another and our community. With deep gratitude for your support and trust, we eagerly anticipate witnessing God’s grace as it revitalizes us spiritually and physically, shaping the future of our Fellowship for generations to come.

May His blessings be upon you all,

Josh & Rachel, Matt & Jacque, Nathan & Merinda
Church Leadership