Fighting with Lions

June 16, 2024

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 11

This Father’s Day, we honor various types of fathers and draw insights from 1 Chronicles 11 about David’s mighty men, particularly focusing on the exemplary actions of Benaiah. It highlights Benaiah’s role as the leader of the king’s bodyguard, his bravery in facing enemies like a lion and an Egyptian, and his character traits. The description emphasizes the importance of standing firm against sin and spiritual warfare, using Benaiah’s actions as a metaphor for fighting against the opposition in life. It also discusses the idea of identifying and fighting against personal sins, drawing parallels to biblical teachings. Furthermore, the description reflects on Benaiah’s legacy and God’s role in building and blessing legacies. It encourages viewers to emulate Benaiah’s character and fight against their own “lions” with the help of Jesus.